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Munya and Swarzy in conversation with Keir Starmer
With 2020 being defined by national lockdowns, social movements calling for racial justice and mass voter turnout in the USA, young people have taken power into their own hands to change the world around them.

Following our third national lockdown, My Life My Say is bringing you an unmissable event with the Leader of the Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, who will be in conversation with our trailblazing hosts: Munya Chawawa and Swarzy Macaly.

Discussing the issues that matter to young people, we’re truly excited to be hosting this meaningful and engaging event. This will be an opportunity for you to ask your most pressing questions.

The event will explore the following topics:

- COVID-19 and its impact on young people
- Vaccinations
- Climate change
- Race relations

Munya and Swarzy will keep you glued to your seats with their vibrant and unique personalities. So, make sure you register to join this lockdown conversation!

Please send us your questions for Keir Starmer to info@mlms.org.uk.

For press enquiries, please contact aleesha@mlms.org.uk

We look forward to seeing you there!


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