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Creating Engaging Sermon Series
We live in a world where Sunday morning church attendance is no longer a given, which is kind of crazy when you think about this chaotic and rapidly changing world in which we live. It seems the truth of God is need more than ever before so why is there such a disconnect?  Just open up the news, or open up your news feed, and it is easy to see a world longing for the very things that God is so willing to give. How can we help people make that critical connection between faith and every-day life? 

Over the years I realized God has already given us an incredible tool to help develop that intersection. Preaching!  Preaching is a powerful gift that God has given his church and one that is designed to help the people make that critical connection.  That  is why The Kairos Network has partnered with Logos to host this webinar.

Click the link below and join us Thursday Feb 24th at 1:00pm as Matt Popovits, Zach Zehnder, and Dion Garrett share some of the tools and best practices they have discovered to create engaging sermon series, that have helped people connect faith and every-day life.
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