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The Sample Landscape 2022: The Trends Impacting Online Sample
The past year has seen plenty of shifts in the landscape. From fluctuations in supply & demand to increased efforts in data quality and the continued commoditization of sample, these changes have caused significant shifts in our industry.

In our upcoming webinar, The Sample Landscape 2022: The Trends Impacting Online Sample, on Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 at 2:00 PM EDT, we will be sharing some findings from our research-on-research and taking a look into the trends impacting the online sample industry, including:

• How Panels Differ From One Another: Why every panel is unique and how panel selection can have a direct impact on results.
• Changes In Supply and Demand: How shifts in supply and demand since the pandemic have affected the industry.
• Pricing: Why understanding the relationship between price points is critical for the future of sample.
• Data Quality: How new data quality tool providers have challenged the status quo and traditional providers.
• Commoditization of Sample: How selecting providers based solely on price can impact your results.

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