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Net-Zero for Real Estate: What Is It and What Might It Cost?
With a growing awareness of the role of the built environment in climate change, commitments to net-zero emissions are increasingly common in real estate. Experts in the area will discuss how exactly the concept of net-zero emissions is defined for real estate, and what is required to make a claim of net-zero (or a commitment to net-zero in the future) for a property or portfolio. The potential costs (and benefits) of achieving net-zero will be discussed, along with how a net-zero commitment can be incorporated into investment strategy at the portfolio level. As an example of the impact of environmental legislation, the webinar will also include a look at the implications for investors of Local Law 97 in New York City.


Greg MacKinnon, Director of Research, PREA


Christopher Cayten, Senior Director Strategic Growth, CodeGreen Solutions

Peter Epping, Global Head of ESG, Hines

George Sullivan, CEO & Senior Principal, Net Zero Analysis & Design


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