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Period Power: A Conversation About Cycles + Womb Health
Learn about the reproductive life cycle, menses, and how to take care of your sacred anatomy in this informative webinar. Learn about rituals to support painful or symptomatic cycles. And self-care practices that can carry you through the changes you may be experiencing during times of high stress.

Alicia Hudson - Doula & founder of Honeydew Holistics LLC

Cindy Luquin - Latinx sex educator, founder of Howl at the Womb

Courtney Mayszak - Co-Founder & CPO of De Lune

Djali Brown Cepeda - Doula, Founder Ancestral Allchemy

Alicia Hudson created Honeydew Holistics LLC to assist those suffering from fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, painful menstruations, traumatic childbirth experiences and to bring more awareness to the black maternal health crisis. Her mission as a womb wellness practitioner & doula is to empower those looking for natural alternatives and resources on their journey.
IG: @honeydewholistics

Cindy Luquin is a Latinx sex educator and founder of Howl at the Womb, a sex positive educational space for Latinx folks to feel pride for their body and cultura. In 2015, she was diagnosed with a grapefruit-sized cyst on one of her ovaries after six years of taking birth control pills. She has since become a trained fertility awareness educator along with her formal academic background earning a Master's in Latin American Studies and over 12 years of professional experience working in public education.
IG: @howlatthewomb

Courtney is the Co-Founder & CPO of De Lune, a menstrual health company on a mission to lift the period burden by setting a new standard for happy, healthy menstrual cycles. She’s a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who completed her dietetics training at Cornell University.
IG: @delunecare

Djali Brown- Cepeda - Ancestral Allchemy was founded in 2020 by Djali Brown-Cepeda as a means of bridging the gap between ancestral wisdom and modernity.
IG: @djalibc


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