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JASA Hinamatsuri Girl's Day Virtual Event
Join us for a virtual presentation of Hinamatsuri, or "Girl's Day" on Wednesday, March 3rd. We'll learn about the history of the holiday, hina dolls and each doll's significance, and special Japanese food associated with Hinamatsuri.

This is a family-friendly event for all ages!

Hinamatsuri is a special Japanese holiday held on the third day of the third month each year dedicated to young girls. Until they are about ten years old, young girls will enjoy a display of ornamental dolls known as hinaningyou, set up on a red tiered display known as a hinadan. Young girls celebrate by having parties with their friends, eating special snacks like ichigodaifuku (strawberries and red bean paste inside mochi rice cake) and hina-arare (special sweet rice crackers).


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