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Modular Content Series: Starting the Modular Content Journey
Modular Content Series: Starting the Modular Content Journey
This webinar will investigate how Modular Content can impact your business and marketing outcomes by achieving improved speed to market, content reuse, and cost reductions. Modular Content doesn’t just impact MLR approved content; it is an operational accelerator for your agencies and marketing teams that drive efficiencies across all channels in your Digital Asset Supply Chain (DASC). But what is necessary to enable these benefits? Technology is available today to establish the integrated & automated ecosystem where Modular Content will thrive, Modular Content value is lost in a traditional silo’d technology ecosystem.

Below are some example questions we hope to answer during the webinar, and we urge you to come prepared with your own questions.

a. Will all content be modular in the future? 
b. What role does technology play in modular content, vs. process and operating model?
c. Can I assemble Modular Content from approved modules in Veeva Vault using AEM?
d. What are the key use cases and channels where a modular approach is beneficial?
e. Can our agencies make the mindset shift, how do we get them on board?
f. Does Modular Content affect my digital asset operations/business model?
g. How do I get started and is it possible to run a pilot?

There are a lot of questions and perspectives from various stakeholders. Beginning the journey in the right manner with the right foundation is paramount to success. This webinar will be an interactive session with a panel of experts from Veeva and Xpediant Digital, to discuss experiences with Modular Content and the technology that supports it.

Agenda and time
15 minutes – Presentation / Point of Views
30 minutes – Panel discussion / Q&A
25 minutes – (optional) Demonstration of Modular Content across channels in action


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