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Super Basins #4: Guyana & Suriname case study
On Friday 26th November we will run our 4th “Super Basins” webinar on offshore Guyana and Suriname.

David Bamford of Future Energy Partners, and Neil Hodgson & Karyna Rodriguez of Searcher Seismic will discuss this latest example of a Super Basin.

What lessons might be learned from its discovery and how does it inform the hunt for more?

One interesting question is whether companies stumble across Super Basins as a matter of luck or whether a profound, thought through, strategic approach can lead to success?

13.00 David Bamford -

The last 10 years of Exploration offshore Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana demonstrate that, for success in finding "Super Basins", Explorers need many tools in their armoury.

- Using the complexities of Plate Tectonics/Rifting to understand the interplay between - and timings of - the formation of basins, the input of reservoir, seal and trap facies into those basins.
- Applying seismic stratigraphy to describe the chronostratigraphic history of a basin, and develop gross depostional environment mapping.
- To model the suite of potential petroleum generating source formations to describe their maturation and petroleum expulsion.
- To produce high quality seismic indicators such as Impedance and AVO images.

There are no "short cuts" and there's too much 'lazy thinking' in my opinion!

13.15 - 13.40 Karyna Rodriguez and Neil Hodgson
Guyana & Suriname ==> lessons for the search for more "Super Basins"

13.40 to 14.00 Q+A

Nov 26, 2021 01:00 PM in London

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