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From ADAS to AVs: Powering Next-Generation Automotive Solutions
Semiconductors have enabled most of the recent advances in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), vehicle computing systems and gateways, digital cockpits and autonomous functionality. Beyond these advancements, this webcast will discuss what’s in store for the industry as the next generation of automotive tech emerges, and the challenges facing OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers as they brace for new curves in the market.

Murray Slovick, Editorial Director of Intelligent TechContent, will address the scale and scope of the challenges facing automakers and suppliers alike—and the use cases, configurations and pitfalls to consider when planning and executing today’s automotive design roadmaps.

Overview of Topics:

» The Future of ADAS: A closer look at the advanced monitoring, warning, braking, and steering systems needed to meet the growing demand for ADAS applications.
» AV and Its Upshots: How AI and machine learning is already changing how vehicles are designed and built—and what needs to happen before full AV finally arrives.
» Security Imperatives: Today’s complex threat landscape—from the system-level challenges of ISO 26262 compliance, to best practices in addressing the security gaps of silicon, software and development tools.
» Regulatory Agility: How to adapt easily to tomorrow’s regulations for technologies like Automated Emergency Braking (AEB).
» Glass Cockpits: An overview of the challenges automakers and suppliers face as the last remnants of the analog dash go extinct.

Tech Vision and Strategy: A look at what’s ahead in key enabling technologies and making the right moves in the age of autonomous operation and electrification.
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