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Machine Learning for Social Good Workshop Series Part 1,2 and 3
Machine learning (ML) is the next wave of transformative technology that can be used as a force for social good. When coded correctly, ML can remove human biases and even help us better understand others around us. ML can even be used to battle a global pandemic! Attend this talk to learn about ML and how it works. We'll explore the architecture of real-world case studies using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and even crack open the code. You'll walk away understanding how ML has the power to change the world for the better.

Workshop #1 - In this first workshop, you will learn about machine learning and the various machine learning techniques you will employ to battle COVID-19. This workshop introduces Amazon SageMaker, Jupyter notebooks, Python data science libraries, and Scikit-learn.
Workshop #2 - In this second workshop, you will learn how to obtain, dissect, and understand COVID-19 data. Once you understand the data, you will employ labeling, cleaning, and transforming techniques to get your data ready for machine learning.
Workshop #3 - In this third workshop, you'll train your machine learning model to help in the fight to battle COVID-19. You will

At the end of the three series workshop, you can create a team and take part in a hackathon whose details are as follows:
Mission: Predictable, a virtual hackathon, kicks off with a series of guided workshops directed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning Hero, Kesha Williams. Kesha introduces the tools and techniques needed to use machine learning to battle the invisible enemy, COVID-19. After completing the workshops, your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves forming a team and putting your new-found skills to use in the battle against COVID-19. At the end of your mission, you will be assembled by the judges to present your project. The winning team walks away with free access to the A Cloud Guru platform to continue their learning journey!

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Jul 15, 2020 12:00 PM
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