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Shed Club Heaven: The War for Talent
How can the logistics boom be sustained if there is not the expertise to drive it forwards?

The logistics sector may have been the hottest investment ticket in town in recent years, but the momentum has been stifled by a lack of talent and resource to match demand.

With a dearth of experience to source the best opportunities, construct schemes to match the pace of demand, or the technical wherewithal to understand what occupiers really want, industry players have been going toe-to-toe to recruit those that are able to deliver the goods.

Arguably logistics’ biggest obstacle to growth – finding and attracting the best and brightest – is at the very top of the list of objectives for the most ambitious companies in the industry.

React News’ forthcoming Shed Club Heaven webinar will cover:

How the sector can better promote itself
What skills the sector is most lacking
How companies attract and retain top talent
Diversifying the talent and knowledge pool

Sep 27, 2022 12:30 PM in London

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