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Incorporating social class supports across the academy: Strategies for retention and success in academic and student affairs
Data shows that colleges and universities substantially fail to provide poor and working class students with the necessary support to have equitable access to and success in higher education, compared to middle and upper class peers.

Social Class Supports presents a comprehensive range of strategies that provide the fundamental supports that poor and working class students need to succeed, while at the same time dismantling the inequitable, systemic barriers that make college difficult to navigate.

Lead editors Georgianna Martin and Sonja Ardoin will be introducing their new book, discussing concrete examples of supports with chapter author panelists, and taking questions about how institutions can build and strengthen initiatives to raise class consciousness, reduce classism, and advance social class equity.

Chapter panelists include:
Mark Chung Kwan Fan, University of Michigan
Sara I. Gamez, Cal Poly Pomona
Dave Nguyen, Ohio University
Desiree Polk-Bland, Columbus State Community College
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