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YESHE: The Tibetan Book of the Dead as the Rainbow & Diamond Body Lotus Practice Manual
Dear Ones,
The first Buddess Yeshe Tsogyell was observed by over 3000 people to ascend in her Lotus Vehicle turning into a UFO, witnessed by the Nepalese Royal Family.
She practiced alchemy. In the 1980s we gleaned the Darkroom secret from her, practiced the yoga of the union of the opposites. She also scribed the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
In this first installment we explore the Book as Yeshe’s coded system of Diamond Body of Light activation protocols. Richly illustrated animated slides.
This is a unique instruction of this novel realization, and application of Yeshe’s work, 300 AD, planting her writings to be found deep into the future so they could not be corrupted. As well as coding them for the future Work of the sincere Siddhi-Yogi-Alchemist.

In Divine Love
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