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Growing & Securing Your Global Business in 2021
The latest is a series of webinars for senior managers of UK based ISVs

Setting growth targets based on the official 2020 financial results from global market leaders and how secure delivery is key to global growth and a good ROI.

In partnership with Pulsant & Alert Logic


John Miller
CEO, Delta Channel Services
Growing Your Business in 2021

2021 for UK ISVs and indeed for ISVs globally is going to be a very difficult year to forecast and predict given the ongoing global impact of the pandemic.

There is a new source of financial and business performance metrics for SaaS and Cloud ISVs which provides trends, ratios and historic data that is relevant to ISVs of all sizes.

> Ensuring high customer retention with security services for global Working from Home
> Setting sales and growth targets based on the latest global SaaS and Cloud market data

Dan Pitman
Principal Security Architect, Alert Logic
Securing SaaS Businesses in 2021

2020 was an unprecedented year for business disruption, but not for all. For the majority of ISV’s it was a case of business as usual. Many will be eying 2021 as a year to accelerate their growth, optimise their processes and look at new ways to increase return on investment.

Security is a key area of investment where businesses struggle to show clear ROI. However cyber-attacks don’t discriminate, and cyber criminals rarely miss an opportunity to strike. SaaS businesses are specifically at risk, and the smallest vulnerabilities can lead to the most extensive compromises.

Join us where we'll be asking about:

> The threat landscape right now
> Why SaaS businesses, more than most, are at risk
> How security can become an enabler for SaaS businesses
> The different cybersecurity options available to businesses
> How SaaS businesses can uplift their security with positive ROI
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