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Can Hospo return to normal? An open conversation on re-opening post Rona

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Sam Keck
Executive Director @Commonfolk Coffee Company
Sam Keck is an entrepreneur and founder of Commonfolk Coffee, located in the town of Mornington. Keck has spun a successful roaster/retailer into a series of social enterprise efforts, including Zukuka Bora, a farmers initiative benefitting coffee growers in Uganda; and Home Ground, which is focused on providing training and job options in hospitality to unemployed youth on the Mornington Peninsula. By fusing the high demand for quality coffee with organized social enterprise, Keck’s work shows us how coffee can do more than just taste good—it can also do very serious good for communities at home and around the world. Recognised heavily in the industry, he has been the recipient of many awards suchs as Top 20 worldwide leaders in specialty coffee (Sprudge), Peninsula Young Entrepreneur of the Year as well as seeing Commonfolk take our many awards in it's own right.
Melissa Goffin
Owner @Red Gum BBQ
Melissa is the owner and Managing Director of Red Gum BBQ - Australia's largest craft beer and Southern-style BBQ joint on the Mornington Peninsula. Red Gum BBQ is known for more than just amazing BBQ, but is also a leader in ethical business and is the only restaurant in Australia with the ethical accreditation of B Corp. With a focus on exclusively free range and grass fed meat, Red Gum BBQ is an industry leader in supporting and promoting ethical farming. Melissa uses her voice as the strategic leader of the business to grow the brand's reach and impact and educate the community about the importance of ethics in business. Her energy around ensuring Red Gum BBQ is a unique Australian business, focused on bringing together community, the highest quality of authentic, locally sourced food and leading the movement of ethical practice in small business has seen Red Gum BBQ across national and international media in its first 3 years of business & the recipient of numerous awards.
Jason Williams
Business Sherpa @Wolf of the Willows Brewery, Ouse River Wines, The Final Step Cafe
Passionate about meeting new people and create awesome things; particularly if said awesome things involve alcohol or artisan foods. Jason is an accountant, turned social worker turned hospo owner/consultant and has been in the hospo game for over ten year after opening his first cafen "Pour Kids". Having travelled the world consulting a number of hospo businesses he has now settled back with team Illumin8 and works to help them understand what a great business looks like in their worlds.