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Square + Xero Accounting Integration Walkthrough
In this walkthrough, we'll take you through the Square + Xero official accounting integration made by Amaka. This walkthrough is applicable to those in Australia and the UK.

Our Customer Support Lead, Dejoey Ann, will be leading the walkthrough. On top of going through the setup process, we'll take you through common issues such as:
• Which setup option is right for you
• When to turn on the sales sync vs. the payment service?
• How to setup the payment service and invoice branding
• How to map accounts for sales, payments and taxes when using sales sync
• How clearing accounts work
• How to do bank reconciliations
• Examples of summarised and categorised invoices
• How to make sure existing Xero accounts can be selected when mapping in the integration
• How to avoid common errors
• What to do when you encounter errors

We'll have our integration specialists on standby to answer any questions you might have during the webinar in our live chat and Q&A sections.

More information on the Square + Xero integration:
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Dejoey Ann
Customer Support Lead @Amaka