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Artistic Innovation Through Adversity
Times of struggle – war, famine, personal disaster and yes, pandemics, have tested the human spirit for thousands of years. But what follows often includes incredible periods of creativity and innovation as humans adapt their habits and routines in the face of definitive change.

On Wednesday, July 29, at 12:00 PM EDT via Zoom, IWF will again partner with the bespoke cultural experience company Artscapes. We invite you to join Artscapes founder, Rose Balston, as she examines how some of the superstars of European art history – Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Christopher Wren and J.M.W. Turner endured their own personal struggles and came out triumphant, creating some of the most renown pieces of their career. We will learn how painting, sculpture and architecture became symbols of a new and hopeful future.

Rose is an art historian, lecturer, guide, TV presenter and the founding director of Artscapes. You may remember her from the previous virtual program, Kings, Queens, Courtiers, and Lovers: Behind-the-Scenes of the English Royal Court. In case you missed that session, you can click here to watch the replay. After attending university, Rose followed her passion for art and historical treasures, first to Spain and later Italy. In 2009, London’s epic collection of art and cultural heritage lured Rose back home, where she founded Artscapes.
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