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The CSO or the CISO: which is best placed in the corporate hierarchy?
There has long been a debate about the relative status of different personnel responsible for different parts of security. This is crystallised in discussions about the relative influence of cyber/information security leads against physical security leads. Put simply some argue that cyber risks are prominent on the corporate risk agenda and that places the CISO in a more elevated position, while others note that all physical measures are cyber now too and the human factor is central to all corporate security weaknesses and opportunities to improve resilience. So what type of skills set are more crucial in a post pandemic society? What would be good advice to an inspiring security careerist, aim to be a CISO or CSO? Perhaps both skill domains are les important than just being business savvy? How, if at all has the pandemic changed things? This webinar will discuss:

The diverging and converging role of the CISO and CSO
The best career path advice for an aspiring security leader
The preferred characteristics of a security leader in a post pandemic world

Mike Hughes – ISACA Central UK Chapter
Col Inderjeet Singh – Cyber Security Association of India (CSAI)
Dave Tyson – Apollo Information Systems

May 13, 2021 03:30 PM in London

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