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The Symbolic Meaning of Birds to the Unangan Inuit People with Debra Corbett
Join DOAS on Friday, February 17 for a special presentation with Archaeologist, Debra Corbett. Unangan Aleut people of the Aleutian Islands relied on birds for food, clothing, and tools. Beyond these every day needs birds, especially seabirds, were sentient beings interacting with humans in meaningful ways, potent sources of power, and imbued with spiritual meanings. Debra Corbett will briefly introduce the Unangan Aleut and their homeland, show some ways birds were used in daily life, then explore some aspects of this relationship between birds and the Unangan people. Our heroes will be a small songbird, possibly Sparrow or Rosy Finch, Whiskered Auklet and Thunderbird (Eagle or Raven).

Feb 17, 2023 07:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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