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APTOS Webinar Series #3: Digital Health Transformation
The pandemic has drastically changed our way of living and promoted the use of telemedicine and digital health. In our monthly webinar in April 2022, we are honored to have Dr Zongyuan Ge from Monash University in Australia share with us his recent works on interpreting and understanding medical imaging. Dr. Ge's research leverages cutting-edge AI technologies using large-scale multi-modality medical data including imaging, medical records, gene data and models the clinicians’ medical knowledge underlying tasks like diagnosis and prognosis for eye (ophthalmology), skin (dermatology), heart (cardiovascular) and neurodegeneration diseases. He is one of Australia’s most in-demand experts in technologies, including medical robotics and artificial intelligence, and is a passionate science communicator.


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Zongyuan Ge
Associate Professor @Monash University
Topic: Interpret & Understand Medical Imaging via Vision & Language Modelling