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Partner-Vendors Making a Huge Difference in R&D&M Reproducibility
Are you a member of an R&D&M organization suffering from reproducibility? Whether it is in early research or going from development to manufacturing it’s a BIG problem with sometimes different solutions. 20/15 Visioneers is bringing you four (4) awesome but unique companies that are approaching it, maybe with some overlap and maybe from different angles! We invite you to come and learn how Bigfinite (www.bigfinite.com), Emerald Cloud Lab (www.emeraldcloudlab.com) , QBDVision (www.QBDVision.com), and Sapio Sciences (www.Sapiosciences.com) are making a difference with their clients!

20/15 Visioneers will give a brief intro, include industry SMEs as panelists and provide Q/A at the end of the webinar!

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