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APTOS Webinar Series #3: Digital Health Transformation
The pandemic has drastically changed our way of living and promoted the use of telemedicine and digital health. In our monthly webinar in June 2022, we are honored to have Dr Eric Rosenberg from the Digital Ophthalmic Society share with us digital visualization of the anterior segment and digital health solutions.


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Eric Rosenberg
Co-Founder @Digital Ophthalmic Society
Lawa Al-Aswad
Professor @NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Dinah Chen
Clinical Instructor @NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Steven Houston III
CEO & Co-Founder @Healtheia Telemedicine
Grayson Armstrong
Director of Ophthalmic Education in Core Medicine @Harvard Medical School
Hunter Cherwek
Vice President, Clinical Services @Orbis International
Matthew Brink
Associate @Baptist Health South Florida