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Launching Concrete Sea & Tree Light
The willingness to take risks with form and to push the reader’s expectations of what a poem might be make EA Griffiths’ poetry immediately distinctive. Here we find lyrical poems that are tiny, elliptical, often heart-breaking and utterly located in a sense of place, poems that open a conversaton with the concrete poems threaded through the collection. A cohesive, tightly-written debut that invites us to feel into the experiences of the poems, emerging with the sense of another’s heart-print.

From Yvonne Baker's tentative first word (‘perhaps’) to her final phrase, realising ‘here is no journey / only attending to stones— / like a story told yet again / by an old friend’, the reader is immersed in a woodland that is alive with quiet yet profound epiphanies— the way we live and die; the way we might weave narratives that change our stories. In this liminal place, which is both a real woodland and an internal space, we learn that ‘What matters is the silence that encircles you,...’ And we find in that silence a liturgy of the natural world we too often forget we are part of.

Mar 23, 2023 07:30 PM in London

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EA Griffiths
EA Griffiths was brought up in the Rhondda Valley and lives there now with her husband. When she is not being inspired by the South Wales Valleys, she enjoys walking by the sea and listening to podcasts. She is also a Welsh speaker. This is her first collection.
Yvonne Baker
Yvonne Baker is married with three sons and five grandchildren. She worked for many years as a teacher in primary education, and later as a headteacher and religious education adviser. She has been published in print and on-line magazines and placed in competitions. Her poems have been included in Second Light, Paper Swans, Emma Press and Poetry Space anthologies. She belongs to several poetry groups: Chichester Stanza, Taking Your Work Further, Kith Poets and Second Light Network, all of which offer support and friendship.Her poetry explores the relationship between the outer and inner experience and how this can reveal hidden emotions and feelings.