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Crisis in the Oil Market: Remembrances of the Past, Policy Responses for the Future
The event will feature a roundtable discussion from EPRINC’s staff, distinguished fellows and trustees. We will examine the major forces shaping the oil market since 1973-74 Arab Oil Embargo and what we’ve learned in the interim about opportunities and strategies for the industry and policy makers going forward. Yes, the crisis in the oil patch is in many ways unprecedented, but we’ve seen this movie before.  

The discussion will be led by EPRINC’s president, Lucian Pugliaresi, and draw upon the knowledge base of Larry Goldstein, Michael Lynch and Ivan Sandrea.

Larry Goldstein is the former president of EPRINC and a co-founder of Petroleum Industry Research Associates in New York City. Michael Lynch is a Distinguished Fellow at the Energy Policy Research Foundation and President of Strategic Energy and Economic Research. Ivan Sandrea is former CEO of Sierra Oil and Gas, a Mexican independent oil and gas company. Prior to becoming CEO of Sierra, Ivan held a number of leadership and technical positions, including senior partner at EY London, where he was responsible for global oil and gas in emerging markets, and president at Energy Intelligence.


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