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The New Zealand security sector and Covid-19: what have been the learning points?
Previous webinars have helped highlight the learning points from the security experience of the pandemic, across the globe. But one place about which we have heard very little is New Zealand. Yet New Zealand has been widely heralded has having implemented a successful response to Covid-19. But what role did security play in this? What have been the learning points? As we move into a post Covid-19 world – where New Zealand appears ahead of the curve – what can we learn about how security can best position itself to benefit? This webinar will:

Discuss the New Zealand response to Covid-19 from a security perspective
Understand the learning points as New Zealand security is transitioning to a post Covid19 world
Discuss the implications for the type of security that will emerge in the ‘new normal’

Feb 16, 2021 08:30 PM in London

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