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Lunch'n Think Webinar: How can we responsibly source more gas in Southern Africa?
How can we responsibly source more gas in Southern Africa? This webinar looks at potential for new gas production onshore, ways future projects should be approached, and how to keep local communities engaged. Structure - 3 x 10 min presentations followed by discussion.


The Karoo formations onshore in Southern Africa, stretching across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia, are believed to hold 30 to 390 TCF in South Africa alone. In addition, there are large amounts of coal bed methane. How can this be produced responsibly? - David Bamford


How should future oil and gas development projects in Southern Africa keep both development costs down and eliminate Co2 / CH4 emissions and flaring? What are the best approaches to remote operations, electrification, eliminating emissions and embracing CCS? - Greg Coleman


How do we achieve a "Just Energy Transition" - ensuring local communities are not adversely disrupted and benefit from the developments? - John McCarthy

May 21, 2021 01:00 PM in London

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Greg Coleman
CEO @Future Energy Partners
I am entrepreneurial international oil & gas executive. I have more than 40 years in international business. I am now working to help clients to develop approaches to strategy, financing, risk management and governance. Having started as an engineer at BP, my career has encompassed all levels and areas of the oil and gas industry from the ground up to corporate level. That has included leadership roles in environmental policy, customer relations, health and safety and investor relations. Taking that global experience and applying it to private organisations, in recent years I have worked with a number of companies around the world, on projects ranging from rescue operations and crisis management to business growth and development. My experience of all levels of the international industry, its challenges and the specific requirements of different territories has allowed me to provide clear and experienced guidance to businesses of all sizes.
John McCarthy
Head of research @Minerva SRM
John is Minerva is Head of Research with a background as a professional Conflict and Political Risk Advisor. John has worked in this capacity in both the private and public sectors, including for ExxonMobil and the UK Stabilisation Unit. He also spent time as a foreign correspondent writing for the Economist and the Guardian amongst others. John is a visiting academic at Linacre College, Oxford
David Bamford
Director @Director at Future Energy Partners/Publishing
Well known as an explorer, geophysicist and communicator. Focused on skills development, sub-surface problem solving especially in exploration, 'digitisation' and the carbon agenda; and advising private companies.