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Advanced Work Packaging - Demystifying the Transition from Bulk Construction to Systems Completion
Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) Backward Pass
Learn how focusing on the back end of your AWP process early in the project plan yields measurable efficiencies. Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and WorkFace Planning (WFP) were coined an “Industry Best Practice” by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) in 2015. Since then, it has been implemented on greenfield and brownfield projects globally. Many organizations and best practice practitioners thoroughly understand the concepts and methodologies that make AWP and WFP successful programs. Path of Construction sessions delineate Construction Work Areas (CWAs) into Engineering Work Packages (EWPs) and Construction Work Packages (CWPs). CWPs are broken down further into Installation Work Packages (IWPs), which are executable work packages for field crews. But what about closing out IWPs, punch lists, developing Test Work Packages (TWPs), and tracking the progress of system completions by IWPs? ​

This webinar will look at a topic that is not often discussed or well understood in the AWP industry. The backend of AWP encompasses WFP, focusing on the critical work conducted by construction, testing, and commissioning at the back end of projects. Join us if you are interested in conducting a backward pass and learning more about the following topics: ​

- Strategy for using a bulk construction vs system-based
construction methodology
- Test Work Packages (TWPs) and how and when they are
- The correlation between TWPs and IWPs
- Strategy and tactics for tracking system completions via IWPs
- Reasons for efficient IWP closeouts and creating punch lists or
a “System Work to-go Package” (SWP)

Aug 24, 2022 10:00 AM in Edmonton

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