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How Experience Design Can Support Human Connection and Company Culture in the Workplace
The role of the physical workplace in defining and anchoring company culture has become more apparent.

Out of this comes a greater need to focus on the interplay of the workplace and the employee experience - one that encourages contribution, connection and collaboration between the two.

How can built environments and experience design support the needs of the ‘new’ workplace?

Join Michael Schneider (Gensler) and Alexandre Simionescu (Float4) as they dive into:
• how the role of the physical workplace has changed
• the use of data to dictate variations in dynamic office spaces
• the integration of mobile into the work experience
• and the technology that enables these changes

Have any questions you’d like to ask Michael or Alex regarding the ‘new’ workplace? We’d love to hear from you!

Email your name and your questions to ‘media@float4.com’ to have them answered live.


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