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Common Pitfalls to Avoid While Enhancing 3D Cloud Experience
With the onset of Cloud technology in the construction domain, everyone is trying to take advantage of cloud technology to increase their productivity and save costs. Being said that, as the technology is new, there are many things to look out for while developing any application on the cloud.

Wherein the construction domain lacks behind in tech adoption so not everyone is aware about the do’s and don’ts while handling the technology and using it to the fullest.

Hence, nCircle Tech wants to share the knowledge that we have collected over years while working on these cloud-based technologies. So, we take this opportunity to invite you all to the webinar on Common Pitfalls to Avoid While Enhancing 3D Cloud Experience for developing cloud-based applications.

This webinar will cover the following things

1. What parameters to look for when you design the cloud applications in Project management and Coordination, Facility management, product configurators, digital twin, BIM Services applications etc.
2. How to select the technology for specific kinds of applications.
3. How to evaluate the business model while you decide to build a 3D viewer or enhance the existing one.
4. How to establish a balance between the cost of development and performance.
5. What kind of data security measures are needed to be considered for cloud-based development.
6. How to decide the correlation between the level of complexity of web application to be developed with its purpose.
7. What are the best practices to be followed while developing a 3D cloud application.
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