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Tenants' options to deal with non-negotiable Landlords
Are you a Retail or Hospitality business impacted by the Coronavirus and need advice on negotiating with your Landlord? Yes? Then this is a 'must' attend webinar. We will cover all options available to Tenants when dealing with a non-negotiable Landlord, including the CVA process.

Our stellar speaker line up includes Anthony Lorenz, Managing Director, at The Lorenz Consultancy; leading corporate restructuring and turnaround expert, David Buchler from Buchler Phillips and Alex Schlagman from SaveTheHighStreet.org

We will cover all user sectors, with particular focus on Hospitality, Retail, Leisure and Offices. 

If you are a Tenant in a commercial property and are unsure of your options during the COVID crisis, we hope we can answer all of your questions.

We invite you to submit questions to be answered at the webinar. Email your questions to info@lorenzconsultancy.com


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