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The Sun and Moon as Father and Mother in the Birth Chart with Matthew Kenney
In contemporary astrology, we are accustomed to interpreting the planets in the natal chart as aspects of the psyche and features of the inner life. But in classical astrology, the planets primarily denoted external circumstances and people independent of one’s inner landscape. In particular, the Sun and Moon represented one’s mother and father, not just features of one’s inner life.

But does this actually work? Does astrological analysis accurately describe the lives of one’s parents? In this talk, Matthew will show that it does.

Using examples from the charts of well-known people and his own clients, Matthew demonstrates how the placements of the Sun and Moon in a natal chart go a long way in describing the native’s relationship to their parents, independent of any interior psychological analysis. In fact, reading the Sun and Moon in this way has helped clients to objectively see their relationship with their mother and father and identify how their relationships with their parents have shaped the native’s own personality and influenced formative development.

In giving this analysis, Matthew hopes to clearly demonstrate that the natal chart is not just a map of the inner landscape but a concrete descriptor of the circumstances of one’s life and the characters that populate it. You will leave this talk with a fleshed-out understanding of how to interpret the Sun and Moon as the signifiers of the literal mother and father and tools to begin reading these planets with an eye for concrete delineation and prediction in addition to psychological analysis.

Feb 9, 2023 07:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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