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GMT Module 1: Resources (Webinar On-Demand)
2021-23 Grant Management Training

This training series was originally aired August 31 thru September 2, 2021 and consists of the following 12 modules.

Module 1: Resources
Module 2: Compliance
Module 3: Using OPTIS
Module 4: Regional
Module 5: Procurement
Module 6: Sections 5310 & 5339*
Module 7: Section 5311
Module 8: Section 5304
Module 9: Relief Funding* (CARES, CRSSA, ARP)
Module 10: State Programs (STIF)
Module 11: Specialty Reporting*
Module 12: Questions and Answers
( * Please note the modules marked with an asterisk have been revised and we highly recommend you review.)

Module 12 has been consolidated into a comprehensive Questions and Answers document and made available to you on the PTD Training website. This document includes responses to inquiries captured throughout the entire training series. The on-demand module access links can be found on the same site.

For the most recent guidance and information, contact to your Regional Transit Coordinator and visit ODOT’s Public Transportation Division website.
If you have any questions about this training or would like to request training or more information contact Jaimie Baldwin. (Jaimie.Baldwin@odot.oregon.gov)
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