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Crisis Ready Masterclass on Managing the Active Shooter Threat with Aaron Marks
Nobody wants to think about an active shooter or active assailant directly impacting their business or organization. Despite the widespread belief that “it can’t happen here,” these types of acts of targeted violence impact thousands of lives each year.

The FBI tracks Active Shooter incidents, publishing annual reports summarizing documented incidents in the U.S. and identifying patterns and trends. Their data reflects a disturbing 61% increase in Active Shooter incidents between 2020 and 2021. While approximately 45% of these incidents occur in commercial businesses, there is no part of our society that remains untouched. These incidents happen where we live, where we play, where we eat, where we worship, where we learn, where we govern, and where we heal.

No business or organization is exempt from the possible threat of an act of violence occurring on their premises or impacting their people. That potential demonstrates the importance of understanding the threat of targeted violence, such as an Active Shooter or Active Assailant, and taking steps to mitigate the associated risks and potential consequences.

Join us on June 16th from 1-3pm eastern for a Crisis Ready Masterclass on Managing the Active Shooter Threat, hosted by Aaron Marks.

During this session, you will:

• Be introduced to the definitions and characteristics of an Active Shooter, Active Assailant, and Hostile Act – what they are and what they are not.
• Discuss the role that a supportive organizational culture plays in preventing the next Active Shooter and why a consequence-based approach toward managing disruption can significantly increase your risk.
• Learn why a layered approach for protecting your organization may be the best way forward.
• Develop an understanding of the role that preparedness plays in managing the potential consequences of an Active Shooter or Active Assailant incident impacting your business or organization.


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