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Empowered Soberful Women FREE 8-Day Training
This FREE 8-day training will help you discover how to thrive in sobriety even when life feels hard. Women face unique struggles during sobriety, but we also have unique strengths that can help us harness sobriety as a superpower.

You’ll learn how:
Alcohol was just a tool you used to “help” deal with your emotional life. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t help.)

Stopping drinking is the gateway to personal development and growth.

Your struggles and fears can be transformed into opportunities for growth and freedom.

To let go of the negative self-talk that’s holding you back from feeling fulfilled in your life.

To get free from the past (and your current thinking about the past) so that you can forgive yourself.

Healthy boundaries can keep you safe, sane, and sober even in difficult relationships.

Women can use a “toolbox” to support themselves in sobriety.

Day 1: Emotional Sobriety
with Veronica
Wednesday, June 2 at 3pm EST (8pm UK)

Day 2: How Boundaries can Change Your Life
with Veronica and Tamara
Thursday, June 3 at 3pm EST (8pm UK)

Day 3: Guilt and Shame
with Veronica and Tamara
Friday, June 4 at 3pm EST (8pm UK)

Day 4: Hormones, Food, and Connecting with your Body
with Mimi, Tiffany, and Yulonda
Saturday, June 5 at 3pm EST (8pm UK)

Day 5: Rebuilding Self-Esteem
with Veronica and Yulonda
Sunday, June 6 at 3pm EST (8pm UK)

Day 6: Pushing through Fear
with Tamara
Monday, June 7 at 3pm EST (8pm UK)

Day 7: Resentments Are the ‘Free Drunk’
with Tamara
Tuesday, June 8 at 3pm EST (8pm UK)

Day 8: Becoming an Empowered Soberful Woman
with Veronica
Wednesday, June 9 at 3pm EST (8pm UK)

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