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Everything you need to know about Cross-platform
In this webinar, we’ll take a deep dive into the Cross platform feature in Smartlook.

One of the biggest obstacles to getting a complete picture of users’ behavior is not being able to see all of your user data from different platforms in the same dashboard. Well, in Smartlook, that obstacle is no more.

You’ll get answers to questions, such as:
- How to set up a cross-platform project?
- What are the benefits and main use cases?
- How to work with a cross-platform view in each feature?

We’ll also have a 20 min Q&A session, where you can ask related and non-related questions.

This webinar will be hosted by the Customer Success team. It is available to anyone who is interested in knowing a bit more about new features and learning more about Smartlook.
We’re looking forward to seeing you on the 21st of September.


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