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MASTERCLASS Understanding cultural conflict styles at work
Today's workplace is increasingly diverse. In a multicultural context, you may experience confusion or or hurt feelings when experiencing words or behaviours that seem different from your own. There are some key differences between culture, personality and performance issues at work and it helps to avoid misunderstanding t when you can read and respond appropriately to each.

On May 19, at 12 noon MT, during the masterclass "Understanding cultural conflict styles at work", Dr. Marie Gervais will explain the five main cultural conflict styles, how respond more effectively to each and questions that can help both avoid conflict and negotiate cultural conflicts. You will learn:

1. Why it is important to distinguish between personality, cultural and performance issues
2. The five cultural conflict styles and how you might have experienced them in your own extended family contexts
3. How to use curious questions to avoid unnecessary cultural misunderstandings and build understanding

This masterclass will be followed in June by a longer three hour workshop to practice skills and learn phrases that reduce friction and increase understanding.

Get a head start on your learning during the May masterclass!

May 18, 2023 12:00 PM in Edmonton

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