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Placement in Read Naturally Live
Placement is the process of selecting reading material and setting an initial goal for a student who is about to begin using Read Naturally Live. Placing a student in Read Naturally Live involves determining the following:

• Level: Which level of material is most appropriate for this student?
• Series: Which series would most benefit this student?
• Goal: Which goal rate will challenge but not frustrate the student?

Correct placement is crucial to success in Read Naturally Live. You must select a combination of reading material and goal rate that will challenge the student without being discouraging. The material and the goal rate need to be difficult enough to require the student to practice reading the story several times to reach his or her goal, even after the student has read along with audio recordings of the story. However, the level and goal should not be so difficult that the student gives up because of frustration.

Topics Covered

• Learn how to determine a Read Naturally Live level, select a series, and set a goal for your students before they begin using the program.
• Learn how to identify students’ earliest phonics needs.
• View a live demonstration of the placement process in Read Naturally Live.
• Receive free resources that will help you implement your current curriculum more effectively.

Presenter: Claire Hayes
Duration: 45 minutes

Aug 17, 2022 01:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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