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Effective Public Speaking
One of the main things that help a small business owner emerge as a leader, is great communication. Inevitably, you will have to do a lot of talking, introducing yourself, sharing your ideas, networking, making sales pitches, giving presentations or stepping on stage with a motivational speech. Some people are natural at this, and some need to develop the skill and gain confidence to have a good command of their voice to be heard, and a presence that can be remembered.

In this webinar, you will learn various aspects of effective public speaking. You will get to know how you can communicate your message loud and clear, and get some tips on calming your nerves before, during, and after the presentation. You will also learn the number one thing you can’t do without - presenting in front of an audience. You’ll become aware of what it takes to be an effective speaker.

Jan 5, 2023 02:30 PM in Vancouver

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Laura Savinska
Voice and Mindset Coach
Voice and Mindset Coach Laura Savinska has been a professional singer, and solo performer, who used to sing 4-hour shows 6 nights a week. She’s become a voice geek when she was determined to overcome her voice loss, which put her singing career on hold for a few years. She had to find other avenues to express herself and learn to use her speaking and singing voice once again, this time consciously. She had to strengthen her voice as well as let go of perfectionism, fears, doubts and self-criticism. Thus, she developed a step-by-step system for Effective Public Speaking and started her business providing training programs for professional voice users.