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The Real Bang for the Buck in Home Retrofits – Huge Adders from Non-Energy Impacts
Households value comfort and other non-energy impacts very highly – the data proves it and we can use it! In fact, more than 20 years of increasingly in-depth research shows that the dollar value that households attribute to the non-energy impacts (NEIs) from Home Retrofits has higher value to them than the energy savings. Not only is this OK, it is a great opportunity for home retrofitters and programs. Many of the NEIs are a lot easier to market and are more attractive than energy savings. Varying which of the NEIs that are put out front during marketing can attract the next and next and next participants. And the mounds of data can help make the case for much stronger ROI and payback than using only energy savings to influence decisions.
This presentation provides detailed results on the wide array of monetized NEIs for home retrofit programs, including comfort, reduced noise, O&M, and dozens of other effects, and a host of specific, monetized health impacts – a factor of particular interest for low-income homes.
These results are available at the program level, but we also provide information on the NEIs associated with specific measures, which can help make the case for equipment with substantial costs or incremental costs.
Finally, we present the NEIs for three perspectives – NEIs for the participant, those accruing to the program deliverer / program administrator / utility, and those benefitting the community in which the program is delivered.
To develop these estimates, the authors used a comprehensive NEI database including more than 38,000 data elements, with an associated model that estimates more than 150 NEIs.

Learning Objectives:
Understand the basics of measurement methods for these “hard to measure” effects.
Learn the important information on NEI values by category and measure for key NEIs.
Discover examples of the NEIs from programs, and
Provide real-world examples of the application of NEIs for home retrofit programs.

Mar 4, 2021 02:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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Dr. Lisa Skumatz
Principal @SERA
Dr. Lisa Skumatz is Principal of SERA, a Boulder-based research & consulting firm. She has 35+ years of experience in program planning & evaluation, and is especially known for her work in social marketing / behavioral programs, NEBs, measure lifetimes, NTG, and measurement methods. Lisa is currently the lead evaluation oversight consultant for the Connecticut’s Energy Efficiency Board, and has presented more than 75 papers at the major national and international energy evaluation conferences. Skumatz@serainc.com; 303/494-1178