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NetEvents Inter@ctive - What’s Hot in Networking? PLUS Gems from Cisco Live – polished by the industry’s top thinkers
June 2nd & 3rd will be hectic days for many with Cisco Live’s 2020 Digital event offering keynotes from Chuck Robbins, Todd Nightingale and umpteen other Cisco executives, social entrepreneurs, technologists and visionaries…. this is one of the network industry’s biggest events.

Too much to take in? Need some pointers as to the hottest topics and talks? Second thoughts about the most controversial issues? Or simply want to know more?

Then tune in to NetEvents Inter@ctive on June 4th at 8am PT California time and 4pm BST in London for our virtual international media event. You will hear leading analysts and industry commentators reflecting on the most vital keynote topics and sessions covered on the opening days of Cisco Live – and still accessible if you choose to dig deeper.

You can be sure of a balanced view of the topics that have been covered and some of the most important conclusions from our industry commentators. Expect also informed discussion about the tech sector’s business outlook in this current unprecedented climate, exploration of the hottest technologies and trends, plus possible and likely solutions for these challenging times.

Jun 4, 2020 04:00 PM in London

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