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Early Textual Changes to the Gospel of John: Suppressions of Mary Magdalene's Authority?
Elizabeth Schrader (M.A. '15, S.T.M '16), a current Ph.D. Candidate in Early Christianity at Duke University, will present her research on the manuscripts of the Gospel of John. Schrader is well-known in Episcopal circles for a 2017 Harvard Theological Review article based on her GTS master's thesis, which argued that the text of John 11 may have been changed in the second century to suppress Mary Magdalene's authority. In this presentation Schrader will give a sneak preview of her latest peer-reviewed article, which demonstrates that the earliest manuscripts of John 20:16 tell four different versions of the Easter morning encounter between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Schrader suggests that these textual variations reflect additional negotiations around Mary Magdalene's authority and presentation in John's Gospel. Join us to see images of the world's oldest manuscripts of John 11 and John 20, and get a sneak peek of cutting-edge Mary Magdalene scholarship.


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