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Protect Your Business with AI for Visual Inspection
Pleora's Visual Inspection System adds automation and decision-support to manual tasks to help manufacturers ensure end-to-end quality, reduce errors, and lower costs.

This webinar will discuss how two manufacturers – a distillery and an electronics assembly operation – are using camera-based visual inspection to protect their brand and make manual processes repeatable, consistent, and traceable. The session will include a live demo highlighting how quickly and easily an image compare AI plug-in is trained and deployed to start spotting product differences and deviations.

This webinar will be available on-demand after the live session.

About Your Hosts: Ed Goffin manages marketing for Pleora, and has been widely published on the use of AI for visual inspection for consumer goods, electronics, food & beverage, and packaging applications. Zaryab Syed is an applications engineer with Pleora, and works closely with customers to help understand their needs and requirements while providing technical training and support.
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