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179D Tax Deduction made Bigger and Better
A live webinar - 30 talking points in 30 minutes.

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 expands the 179D federal tax deduction from $1.80 a square foot (adjusted for inflation $1.88 a square foot) to $5.00 a square foot.

It also expands eligibility from only commercial buildings and governments adding tax exempt entities (including houses of worship, schools, and ...) and REITs.

The speakers at this live webinar are Stuart Kaplow and Nancy Hudes two Maryland attorneys who are among the principals of ESG Legal Solutions, LLC, a majority woman owned legal consulting firm providing law and non-law advice, driven by strategic thinking coupled with a practical approach to a broad breadth of sustainability matters in the emergent space of Environmental Social Governance (ESG), including government incentives for repairing the planet.

This fast paced and fun program is complimentary but space is limited so you must register.


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