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The Liberal Climate Action Formula: A Recipe for Failure
Are you confused by the many “green” announcements made by the federal Liberals recently?

Have you been able to wrap your head around the Liberal climate plan released last December?   

You’re not alone!  That’s why Terry Moore and David Robertson decided to analyze these policies and promises.  

They looked at the Liberal climate plan in depth, but realized that to understand it they also needed to also look at more recent Liberal announcements on blue hydrogen, carbon capture and small nuclear reactors.

These members of Seniors for Climate Action Now! (SCAN!) have recently released a report on their findings:  “The Liberal Climate Action Formula:  A Recipe for Failure.”

Obviously, they weren’t impressed with what they found.  They are also very worried.  70 percent of Canadians think the Liberals are doing a good job dealing with the climate crisis, in spite of the fact that they haven’t cut emissions!

Not knowing what the government is actually doing or not doing is downright dangerous!
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