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ZELTWANGER Presents: Methods For Leak Testing Lithium-ion Batteries


Jun 26, 2020 01:41 PM

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Christian Freundel
Expert and Senior Application Engineer @ZELTWANGER, Germany
Christian is one of the leak test experts worldwide and a founding member of our German R&D entity, ZELTWANGER Dichtheits- und Funktionsprüfsysteme. He has 20+ years of practical experience as application engineer in leak testing and a very comprehensive knowledge of all possible aspects, both capabilities and limitations. He successfully developed 1000+ applications for customers. For the last 10+ years he worked together with many OEMs regarding feasibility studies for HV battery systems, cycle time optimizations and validation tests of the entire test processes. With his involvement and support many manufacturers successfully launched their BEV-, Hybrid-, or FC-battery productions around the world.
Tom Osesek
Application Engineer & Project Manager @ZELTWANGER, US
Tom is holding an Associate degree in Laser Technology and has more than 20 years experience with industrial high-tech systems used in Automotive industries across North America, covering leak test applications and laser technology. His roles included many years in service management and project management – where he managed large projects at automotive OEM’s and Tier suppliers. Today, he is the subject matter expert on all leak testing applications in North America, including all applications and requirements of HV battery modules and battery packs.
Ryan Takacs
Sales Manager, Automotive & e-Mobility @ZELTWANGER, US
Ryan manages our business of “Leak Testing & Automation” as Sales Manager covering all Automotive & E-Mobility applications in North America (Michigan office). He has been working in the automotive industry for the past seven years and has a broad background in additive materials and electrical components. During the last three years he was intensively working with HV energy storage systems and projects, both with the OEM’s and Tier Suppliers throughout North America, with a main focus on leak testing, sealing, and thermal management.