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Struggles for Housing Around the United States: A Workers’ Voice Panel Discussion
Speakers (in formation):
Darlene Forman - UC Townhomes
Blaise Laramee - Philadelphia Tenants Union
CT Tenants Union - TBH
Tenant and Neighborhood Councils (Bay Area) - TBA

Housing is central to all of the fights of the working class in the United States. As the country’s richest capitalists secured hundreds of billions of dollars more for their personal fortunes over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, another equally deadly plague has been affecting the vast majority of society. Rents and interest rates are skyrocketing to pad the pockets of a handful of billionaire landlords and their corporations. There is bipartisan support for a deepening housing crisis that is leaving thousands living on the streets through the hottest summers in recorded history without access to basic necessities. In 2021, over 150 unhoused people died from heat in Arizona alone.

Slumlords refuse to maintain buildings that house thousands of working class people, especially in Black and Brown communities. Horrific fires in apartments in Philadelphia and the Bronx have left over 30 people dead just this year. Big landlords are using the police as foot-soldiers to carry out gentrification schemes, with Breonna Taylor as the most well-known victim.

However, the story does not end here. People are fighting all over the country against landlords and the politicians that support them. Tenants unions are on the rise as are occupations and direct actions against capital’s murderous housing regime.

What are the strategies being taken up by people fighting for housing justice? How can the struggle for housing be connected with the other important fights of the working class in the United States and everywhere? What is the role of labor unions alongside and with tenant organizing?

Hear from activists involved with the housing justice movement around the United States to learn from their stories and begin a discussion on these questions and more!

Sep 28, 2022 08:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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