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METALCON Live! - Guide to Traffic Stopping Sales
Just 90 Minutes to ensure your ROI is greater than you ever thought possible at METALCON Tampa (or any show)!

Your METALCON trade show success hinges on how well prepared and trained your booth staff is to interact with customers, prospects and attendees on the show floor. If you are involved in trade show sales and marketing, pre-event or on-site, double the success of your next show with what you learn from this no B/S webinar.

In just 90-minutes learn the 10 critical components to trade show sales success including:

• 13 Biggest mistakes exhibitors make at the show
• 3 Ways you can steal customers right off the floor
• 5 Most important things most exhibitors fail to do before any show
• How to establish criteria for screening tire kickers and getting them out of your booth
• How to maximize your post show contact to close deals fast
• 7 Things never to do when designing what goes in your booth
• 3 Things your staff must do when they are at the show but not at your booth
• How to deal with handshakes, eye contact, masks, and more
• 3 Critical rules for “giveaways” at your booth
• Why you must invite your best customers to visit you at every show
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