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The New Norm of Well Being – Well Tech!
Well-being tech has been on the demand and increasing in its adoption. There is enough research to prove that that the mental health of employees is a crucial determinant in their overall performance leading to financial and physical well-being. In the current context, well-being issues are becoming more important due to high anxiety levels and uncertainty among employees. Organizations have realized that mental burnout is already causing a dent on employee experience and performance. Researchers and Well-being experts have found, when it comes to well-being, prevention is more affordable than treatment.

Overall also, the society at large and corporates expect more wellbeing solutions that work in concurrence over and above the hospital care. Organizations are choosing care for their employees which includes elements like meditation applications during moments of stress, online yoga classes and health tips by experts etc.

But majority are actually working for a preventive strategy and putting solutions in place that will warn them when a panic attack is forthcoming and keep help ready. This is critical for organizations to save money and also to sustain a positive employee engagement. There is no doubt that the future organizations will still invest into health insurance and intrusive healthcare for employees but mental well-being tech readily available at an individual’s fingertips will create a new Well Tech phase ensuring performance and positive work environment.

Jul 14, 2020 03:00 PM in India

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Tara M. Cardi
Director of Human Capital Performance @Total Brain
Tara M. Cardi is director of human capital performance with Total Brain. She blends neuroscience with mental wellness solutions to provide employee insights and evidence-based practical applications to improve and sustain mental wellness and performance. Her team works to increase with data and advanced analytics and objective clinical based insights to enhance employee wellbeing. She has more than 20 years of global experience in the healthcare industry, clinical research and advanced analytics.
Garrett Walker
CHRO and HR Practice Leader @Total Brain
Garrett Walker is the CHRO and HR Practice Leader with Total Brain. He consults with HR and business leaders on how to improve business performance and employee wellbeing at work and in Life with measurable results by leveraging advanced neuroscience applications. Applying mental wellbeing and fitness assessment, training and analytics, companies are given new objective insights into their workforce, and better able to align their investments in their people for optimum work and life wellness and performance. Walker has over 20 years of HR and business experience. Prior to Total Brain, he served as the CHRO for IQVIA. While VP HR of Global Talent with IBM he worked in India building the strategic outsourcing business, developed the workforce analytics team and integrated HR processes end-to end to improve the employee experience with HR services.
Ashissh Kaul
Associate Director - Knowledge and Advisory @SHRM India
Ashissh has over 17 years of experience in HR Consulting firms and has been providing strategic HR inputs to more than 200 clients across industries and geographies. He is a trusted adviser to C suite leaders on improving business results by helping build leadership capability, craft talent management strategy, training and designing development journeys and measuring employee engagement. Ashissh is known for his executive presence and passion for conducting webcasts, training sessions and speaking at seminars and conferences. His other significant work includes evaluate and build organizational structures by linking to business needs and the application of competencies across the organization. He is also a certified Competency Based Interviewer. Prior to joining SHRM, Ashissh has worked with organizations like Gallup, Mercer, Aon and Jombay. Ashissh has worked across India, Middle East, USA and many South East Asian countries in various industries.