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Virtual Digital Stoneworking Expo
Transforming your shop into the digital age is no longer a business choice – it’s a must – in order to be competitive and meet the ever changing demands and trends. Invest in the future of your business. Attend this event and learn how you can reduce your costs, increase your productivity, and more importantly, make more money with less reliance on employees.

DSE Topics:
• Review the business drivers in going digital - understanding the WHY and HOW.
• Understanding the digital fabrication process from start to finish . Templating – Programming – Sawing Station – Edging Station
• Discuss the various digital solutions and features to narrow your scope
• Listen to fabricators as they share their success stories on their digital transformation journey and what it has meant to their business
• Live Q&A

Common Questions Frequently Asked and Will be Discussed at the Virtual DSE Event:
How much volume do I need to have in order to be able to afford digital technology?
Where should I begin?
What production results can I expect to go digital?
Why is digital fabrication important?
What would be my staffing needs be if I moved to digital fabrication?
Is programming CNC machinery complicated?
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