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#WineMom: Humour and empowerment or binge drinking and mental health challenges?
In this webinar, participants will learn about ‘wine mom’ culture and how alcohol, particularly on social media, is used to subvert the idea of constant perfection that is often associated with motherhood. ‘Wine mom’ culture has grown on social networking sites, where mothers are using this community to discuss their experiences of motherhood in a perceived safe space. However, its growth on social media has also led to the commodification of this culture and the emergence of a counter-narrative that highlights the role that systemic and social structures play on women’s alcohol use and mental health.

We will discuss the ubiquity of ‘wine mom’ culture and its contribution to normalized images and meanings of modern motherhood that may have problematic sociocultural and health implications related to women’s alcohol consumption.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the role that social media plays in women’s alcohol consumption, particularly as part of ‘wine mom’ culture.
2. Recognize the dichotomy of ‘wine mom’ culture between support for women and women’s mental health and substance use challenges.
3. Identify how ‘wine mom’ culture relates to FASD prevention approaches, understanding motherhood as a supportive moment to help women reduce or stop their alcohol use.

Jul 28, 2021 11:00 AM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Dr. Kelly Harding
Research Associate @CanFASD
Dr. Kelly Harding received her PhD in Interdisciplinary Rural and Northern Health from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Harding is a Research Associate with the Canada Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Research Network (CanFASD). Dr. Harding is also an adjunct faculty in the Psychology Department at Laurentian University. As an FASD and women's health researcher, her research interests focus primarily on health care professionals’ knowledge, self-efficacy, and attitudes regarding FASD and alcohol consumption during pregnancy, families raising children with FASD, and social constructions of popular culture narratives regarding alcohol use during pregnancy and their implications for health promotion and FASD prevention. Dr. Harding has been involved in the field of FASD since 2010, predominantly through research and working with families raising children with FASD.
Lisa Whittingham
PhD Candidate @Brock University
Lisa Whittingham is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Child and Youth Studies. Her research interests focus on the interactions of persons labelled as vulnerable (e.g., persons with developmental disabilities, mental disorders, youth) with the criminal justice system. She is also interested in supports and interventions for persons with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Lisa has been active in the field of developmental disabilities for over 15 years in multiple capacities including Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA).
Ana Andrade
Webinar Host and Prevention Program Coordinator at SPI @Saskatchewan Prevention Institute
Ana joined the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute in 2021 as one of the FASD Prevention Program Coordinators, after working on the development of an FASD prevention and supports program in the neighbouring province of Alberta. With a background in dentistry and public health, she looks forward to the connections and possibilities that come along with knowledge translation, capacity building, and participatory approaches to health promotion. In her new role, Ana aspires to support healthy pregnancies and early childhood throughout the province.